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Downloading and installing the Maxcast Uploader

In order to add video to your Maxcast account, you will need to download and install our Maxcast Uploader.


Maxcast Uploader works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista computers.

To get the Maxcast Uploader click on the Install button.

When prompted to run or save the Maxcast Uploader install file, click Run.

Please wait while the file downloads to your computer. Once it has downloaded, click Install. You'll only need to install the Maxcast Uploader once.


Maxcast Uploader works on Mac OS X computers.

To get the Maxcast Uploader click on the Install button.

Download will begin automatically.

When download is complete the following message will appear:

Click "Continue."

Drag the Uploader icon into the Applications folder

The Uploader is now ready for use.

Running the Maxcast Uploader

Now that you have the uploader installed on your computer, run the Maxcast Uploader by clicking on Start | Program Files | Maxcast and selecting Maxcast Uploader; or on the Mac by clicking on Finder | Applications | Uploader.

Next, you will need to login to your account.

Adding Video

To add video to your account simply click the Browse button to open a directory listing on your computer. Then find the folder that contains the video and select the video you wish to add to your Maxcast account. At this time you may upload the following video types to Maxcast:

.WMV: All
.AVI: Most
.MPG, MPEG: Most
.MOV: Most
.MP4: Most

In addition to the browsing to locate your video, you may also drag and drop a video file into the Maxcast Uploader workspace.

Uploading Video

Once video files are added, Maxcast begins uploading the video to your account automatically.

As your video is uploading to Maxcast, additional information will be displayed by the Maxcast Uploader. You will see the progress of the upload, estimated time to completion, and the size of your video file.

When your video successfully uploads to Maxcast, you will see a green checkmark in the status column. If there is an error uploading the video file, a red 'X' will appear and a partial error message will be shown. Move the mouse cursor over the message to view the entire message.

To remove a video file from uploading, click on the 'trash can' icon.

When finished, click the Log Out button.

Checking your account

Next time you login to your Maxcast account you will see your new videos. You can then choose to publish these videos on a Maxcast channel.

Please allow time for the video to be prepared for online broadcast. You will receive a confirmation email when the video is ready for online broadcast.

Contacting Us

We welcome comments and feedback about the Maxcast Uploader.
Please contact or call 1-800-487-2020 (M-F 7am to 10pm, Sat/Sun 8am to 8pm MST).

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